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Have you ever said, “This is not what I thought my life would be like.”fullsizeoutput_200

It’s like you’ve come to a fork in the road. You expected to go on the road everyone else was taking. But the smaller, rougher road is the one you ended up on.


Me, too.


When our expectations for life don’t match our reality, what do we do?


I call it turning your river.


Turning the river from your expectations to your reality – whatever that reality is – takes an adjustment.

We adjust to our new circumstances, make choices, ask ourselves questions:

  • What do I now believe?
  • Will I ever be happy again?
  • How am I supposed to act?


When we turn our river from the old familiar path to new, uncharted territory, it’s uncomfortable. Sometimes it is painful. Sometimes it is liberating.IMG_4419


I believe it can be joyful.IMG_1538


I turned my river when I opened my dusty Bible and read familiar Truth with fresh eyes and a hurting heart. In that book, I found freedom to live in a new way. I found peace in Jesus. His love energizes, fulfills, and sustains.


If you are coming to this blog with a new reality, whether through a health diagnosis, family crisis, personal drama, or disillusionment, I hope you find inspiration to turn your river. I write here to encourage you on your journey, and to help you find your everyday hope in Jesus, like I have.


Blessings to you, friend. Welcome to Turning the River Blog!




6 thoughts on “About Me…

  1. Hi Teresa,
    I was blessed by an article which you wrote for the Lookout Magazine entitled “The Source of My Strength”. It was recently republished in a publication for blind people. I read your article in braille. I’m thankful to God that the Bible has become important to you. Your article reminds me that God sometimes leads us through his Spirit to certain Bible passages. God knows what Scriptures will be helpful in times of joy and times of need.
    You might enjoy a poem I wrote several years ago about God’s attributes. It includes thoughts about God strengthening us and His constant presence, even during storms of life. There is a verse for each letter of the alphabet. Here’s a link to the poem on my WordPress blog.

    1. Hi, Blake,
      I’m happy that you read my article and were blessed. I didn’t know it had been republished and I am very happy to hear it is available in braille. God’s faithfulness to us is amazing. I look forward to reading your poem. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Blessings to you! –Teresa

  2. Hi Teresa! My name is Katie Wells and I was born with one arm. And we share the same last name ! A friend of mine recommended I read your blog and I wanted to say thank you because your writing really has deepened my faith and reminded me that Jesus is always with us! I really love what you said in the storms entry: “When you go through a storm, just know this: it will pass. You will get through it. Have faith in Jesus. He will walk you through the storm. Afterwards, reflect on how far He brought you. Even when it seemed like He was silent, be assured, He wasn’t—He was covering you with His feathers. You were safe under His strong wings.”
    I write a blog about having one arm and my experiences:
    Sending you many prayers!!
    With Thanksgiving ,
    Katie Wells

    1. Katie, thank you so much for writing. It touches me deeply. Here’s something else we share: my second daughter’s name is the same as yours only spelled differently, so she was also Katie Wells, aka Katy Wells, before she was married. Awesome name! I’m experiencing just what I wrote about, Jesus walking me through a storm. It seems every storm we go through we learn from–we learn He is faithful to bring us through the rough seas as well as the calm ones. I look forward to reading your blog! Thanks so much for reaching out! You blessed me. ❤️ Teresa

  3. Hi Teresa. Wonderful to meet you at “She Speaks” 2016. Your blog is lovely. I’m having trouble with your “like” button for some reason…anyway, have enjoyed reading several of your posts!

    1. Hi, Elizabeth! Thank you! I’ve read a few of your posts as well, and am not surprised to find beautiful words and deep faith. I’m so glad to have met you at SheSpeaks16. I’m looking forward to reading more on Heart of the Matter! Thanks for stopping by! So glad we met this weekend!

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